Isaque Pinheiro’s Artistic Residency

PANO, the project that was conducted within the scope of this residency, consists in the cre-ation of stone matrices for printing, and the printing of those matrices. The entire process and its result (the carved matrices and the prints that will be pasted on the city’s walls) are the response to the challenge issued to the artist: to create a piece for the city of Évora, with-in the scope of the open call for New Creations for Artes à Rua – Public Arts Festival. Isaque Pinheiro’s proposal is the starting point for a number of reflections on the notion that is printed about the city of Évora. We ask: What city do we know? What city do we hide? How do we reproduce the image of the city? What hides beyond the cloth? (The wall? The quotidian? The stage?)

My relationship with the city of Évora dates back to 1996, when I applied to work for a season at the Stone Sculpture Department. After that season, others would follow. The facilities and equipment the Department provided me for working with marble stone were, in 1999, one of the reasons for which I resided, for a year, in this city. I can say that marble stone made the bridge between me and the city of Évora. However, my departure from Évora was also a land-mark in my career, because after several years of exploring almost exclusively marble sculpting, my creative process was then influenced by other techniques, which only enriched my relation-ship with this material.

When Pó de Vir a Ser challenged me to prepare a project for an artistic residency, given that they are based at this stone sculpture atelier, and in view of my relationship with marble stone and with this city, I naturally conceived it based on my experience with marble, but it also re-minded me of that landmark in my career, and the contrast to the techniques and approaches that constitute my work today.

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