13 sculptures for the city’s pavement – Bernardo Bagulho’s Artistic Residency

From August 20th, we will find 13 hidden characters among the paving stones of Évora’s historic center. They are the Pedras Rolantes [Rolling Stones], 13 small floor sculptures by Bernardo Bagulho. “The idea for this project” – Bernardo Bagulho tells us – “originated in one of the my many daily trips across the city of Évora. As I was looking at the pavement, I noticed a very human face hidden in a paving stone. It occurred to me that it would be interesting to draw inspiration from some of the more – and less – known characters of this city throughout the ages and to create a series of sculptures that would merge with the city, on the pavement, which often is the visual horizon of people who go by every day.”

After his artistic residency in the Stone Sculpture Department of Pó de Vir a Ser, Bernardo Bagulho will now work with the master paviors in order to materialize his installation among the paving stones.

Location of the Sculptures in the City of Évora:
“Pedras Rolantes – 13 sculptures for the city’s pavement” by Bernardo Bagulho was a project conducted within the scope of the open call for New Creations for Artes à Rua – Public Arts Fes-tival – Évora 2019.

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