Collective Pasting of Prints on The City’s Walls

On August 31st, we are counting on you to join us in the collective pasting of the prints pro-duced by Isaque Pinheiro during his artistic residency in the Stone Sculpture Department of Pó de Vir a Ser, within the scope of the open call for New Creations for Artes à Rua – Public Arts Festival – Évora 2019. We’ll be in Bairro de Santa Maria / Malagueira, by the Associ-ação Cultural e Desportiva Santa Maria e Fontanas, where we will also have a bite to eat and celebrate!

PANO, the project that was conducted within the scope of this residency, consists in the cre-ation of stone matrices for printing, and the printing of those matrices. The entire process and its result (the carved matrices and the prints that will be pasted on the city’s walls) are the response to the challenge issued to the artist: to create a piece for the city of Évora. Isaque Pinheiro’s proposal is now the pretext for residents to think about their own city: What city do we know? What city do we hide? How do we reproduce the image of the city? What hides beyond the cloth? (The wall? The quotidian? The stage?)

About PANO, by Isaque Pinheiro, Susana Ventura wrote: “The observer or the passer-by are required to think about what is invisible in their own city, a metaphor for what hides behind the curtain, to which the places the artist selects to paste the print compositions certainly contribute. From this virtual connection (between the engraved stones, the prints, and the places) we can both gather the political – a mirror of the public space – nature of the piece and its unfolding, as well as its contemporary status. The artist affirms the matricial aspect of stone sculpture, displayed with the scars and remnants of the process of creating the prints (after printing, the artist restores the light color of the marble panels but the grooves – among other fragments – remain black, as traces of that experimental process), without divesting it, however, of its status of an oeuvre, always considering its inherent mul-tiplicity, both in its aesthetic qualities and in its material and symbolic ones. ”

Pano was the result of the artistic residency of Isaque Pinheiro within the scope of the open call for New Creations for Artes à Rua – Public Arts Festival – Évora 2019 and it features a critical reflection by Susana Ventura, researcher at FAUP, writer, and curator.