EM LINHA [QUEUING] – A performace piece for slaughterhouses

A performance by Coletivo Cãmara

“EM LINHA – a Performance Piece for Slaughterhouses” was the result of the artistic residency of Coletivo Câmara at the Former Slaughterhouse of Évora, in a partnership with Pó de Vir a Ser, and it was presented within the scope of the open call for New Creations for Artes à Rua – Public Arts Festival.

Em Linha is a traveling performance that aims to engage in direct dialog with the city where the Coletivo presents it and with its past, invoking one of the activities most associated with the genesis of any urban center from the industrial era: animal slaughtering for public consumption. If the creation of a slaughterhouse attempts to respond to the needs of a population group, it is also in this dynamic of power over the other – in this case, of humans over animals who are never hunted, merely raised in order to die – that the group finds one of the starting points for this project: the need for a consumer good surpasses any possible reflection about the place we occupy.

Side by side with a place where the memory of death is eminent, Em Linha brings to mind the quotidian world that is haunted by the urge of success and work, detached from the interpersonal world; human beings reduced to the bare essentials. If we want to, we may talk about a consumerist society, with food chains, abuse and survival, through an x-ray of human beings, predators and prays, like meat in a slaughterhouse, like a living being awaiting death.

A project by Coletivo Câmara, composed of Carolina Puntel, Isabel Milhanas Machado, Joana Ricardo and Rodolfo Freitas Sound Design: Luís Furtado; Nelson P. Ferreira Production: Coletivo Câmara in partnership with Pó de Vir a Ser Support: GDA Foundation; Évora Municipality. Creation and artistic residency with Companhia Olga Roriz within the scope of the Interferências project. This show was part of the Artes à Rua Festival programming.

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