A project for the development of audiences with the support of the Directorate-General for the Arts and Assimagra – Portuguese Association of Mineral Resources.

Within the realm of possibility, we are all sculptors of our own reality. Therefore, during the course of 2020, Pó de Vir a Ser will conduct several Creative Workshops aimed at all who wish to better carve their time and their creative abilities.

The Workshops of Possibility project has the participation of artists Renata Bueno and Rui Horta Pereira, along with the Pó de Vir a Ser team, and will pursue educational activities to get publics of all ages (and shapes!) closer to our work here at the Stone Sculpture Depart-ment.
We only have one rule: upcycling! Stone is a valuable natural resource and all activities are based on this premise: Stone sculpture must be conceived as a sustainable artistic practice. Therefore, all participants and artists are given the challenge of re-purposing the leftovers of stone remnants that directly result from the production of sculptures in our ateliers or from the industrial extraction or transformation of this raw material.
Because, for us, carving reality starts with appreciating resources, fostering circular econo-my processes, and promoting the acknowledgment of artistic practices within this context.