Out on the street, everything goes on like on every other day, whilst up on the tower, the solitary artist moves the clock hands. Matta-Clark, in his performance film Clockshower is hanging on the skyscraper clock in New York, and performs everyday activities such as shaving, brushing his teeth…

What is that time is that the artist is questioning?

Just the other day, I was there, tracing the contour of a broom with stone dust, on the floor. I was solitary myself, turning an ordinary tool into a void, intervening in the landscape. Dust turned form, a figure-drawing on the ocher floor.

Now, it’s a new time, a time to be home. To turn in. Now, my ordinary actions, like Matta-Clark’s up there on the clock, are observed by me. I too brush my teeth, look in the mirror, cook, wash my hands. I watch every movement closely. I cannot be where I was, but time passes and the drawing also becomes a different landscape that is no longer mine. Solitary?

The record brings me the story, but more than that, the memory of that instant. The instant I now attempt to retrieve by printing it on paper. The same focus of that moment.

Many are home. Many are brushing their teeth, shaving, watching the news. But how close-ly do we look at our actions?
What time is that that changes the world?

I see the ochre, now taken by the sprouting green, as if it brought hope with it. Little red dots. The contour scatters and invades other limits that I had not foreseen. A new drawing, that blends with the landscape, new kinds of relations, new limits.

I look closely and I am moved by the passage of time.

Renata Bueno – April 2020