The Pó de Vir a Ser – Stone Sculpture Department Workshops are a space for artistic produc-tion which is totally equipped for the practice of stone sculpture. Our equipment allows for artists to come into direct contact with raw materials and to experiment in the development of multiple scale projects using stone.

Located in the Former Slaughterhouse of Évora, built in the 19th century, they are trav-ersed by the former Fernandine Wall that circumscribes the city’s historic center. This space includes an area devoted to exhibitions, and, due to its plasticity and history, it is also used to host creative residencies within the scope of performance arts, photography, cinema, and music.
The Workshops are composed of outdoor and indoor ateliers.

The carving machines, the skip hoist and our crane truck allow the artists to pick up raw materials directly from quarries or other depots and produce their work quite autonomous-ly.

The Workshops can be used by experienced artists or by those in training, within an artistic residency framework or in an adaptable learning by experimentation program. The artistic and technical supervising boards of the Stone Sculpture Department insure the monitoring and support of ongoing workshop projects and the sharing of the necessary know-how for their development.

Indoor Ateliers

The indoor ateliers are, for many, the place where their first contact with sculpture takes place. They are designed to entice curiosity and equipped with stationary tools for more me-ticulous tasks.

Outdoor Ateliers

The outdoor ateliers, for more autonomous artists, are equipped for the practice of stone sculpture, particularly in the case of sculptures of larger dimensions, but can also be used for the development of projects in other artistic fields, or for the combination of various practices.
This interdisciplinarity is at the heart of the organization and it is one of the most character-istic features of Pó de Vir a Ser.